August 26, 2015

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5 Minutes in Twilight

August 26, 2015

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Too Much Time

August 26, 2015

Way too much time has passed. I stopped writing here. I stopped a lot of things in my life when change came. I’m decidedly NOT good with change. When my ex moved out I stopped my life as I know it. I lost faith. I lost confidence. I lost me. At least I really thought I did. I was still a mom. I AM a mom. I am Jaida’s mom and she still says the most amazing things to me. Things like, “I love you, Mom.” I tell her, “I love you too, J.” She replies, “I love you more!” That’s how I know I’m doing it right. She loves. She loves animals, people, bugs, worms and sunshine. She’s kind to all of those because I have taught her the value of honoring all life as we see it. “Unless you can make a bug you can’t kill a bug” is the rule in our house. Yes, even spiders and wasps.

Over the past 5 years. I found me. I found a faith that has evolved. I have most of my confidence back and I have learned to be still. In the stillness we can find all of the things we have lost. We can find our touch with nature and with the essence of Spirit within and around us. We can find. Follow this link for 5 short minutes of finding yourself. Close your eyes. Breathe and listen. Namste.   Short Meditation

Star Wars?

May 17, 2011

I was taking Jaida to school this morning and we drive right by a Starbucks. It seems that Cheryl has taken her there as she pipes up from the back seat, ” MOM, let’s go to Star Wars and get me a cold chocolate milk!” Now this makes me laugh because Cheryl give her Starbucks and I give her Star Wars. She IS  a product of her parents!

Time does fly

May 17, 2011

We have gone through some not so pleasant changes since the FIRST post and it’s not been much fun. Cheryl left us…well, left me and I’ve been hard pressed to be excited about blogging. But, let’s begin again.

Jaida’s 4th birthday is coming up and she is just as smart as ever. She says the funniest things. Last night it was: Mom? we need someone to live with us. Someone beautiful….maybe Lady Gaga.

Really, Jaida? Lady Gaga? She has been talking to her cousin Will (Uncle Will) who is a Gaga Monster. It’s amusing how quickly she picks these things up…oy!

Too Smart For Me.

January 4, 2010

My daughter is smart. Everyone says that and everyone is probably right. My daughter really is bright. I have people tell me all the time that I am going to have my hands full. HAVE THEM? Oh, boy! I already do. She knows the ins and outs of manipulation and is decidedly stubborn as well as smart. Every two and a half year old knows these things. I’m over my head at times trying to guess what she is going to do or say next. I always know that at some point in the day she will say, “Just five more minutes, Mom. Just five more minutes.” or the classic “Just a lot of little milk. Big, Mom! Make it big!” My particular favorite is, “Go REALLY fast!” I would Jaida but there is a car in front of us.  “Tell him get out da way, Mr Man.” (Mr Man is my name for all bad drivers) You heard the lady, Mr. Man! Move aside and let us go really fast!

Hello world!

January 4, 2010

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