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Star Wars?

May 17, 2011

I was taking Jaida to school this morning and we drive right by a Starbucks. It seems that Cheryl has taken her there as she pipes up from the back seat, ” MOM, let’s go to Star Wars and get me a cold chocolate milk!” Now this makes me laugh because Cheryl give her Starbucks and I give her Star Wars. She ISĀ  a product of her parents!


Time does fly

May 17, 2011

We have gone through some not so pleasant changes since the FIRST post and it’s not been much fun. Cheryl left us…well, left me and I’ve been hard pressed to be excited about blogging. But, let’s begin again.

Jaida’s 4th birthday is coming up and she is just as smart as ever. She says the funniest things. Last night it was: Mom? we need someone to live with us. Someone beautiful….maybe Lady Gaga.

Really, Jaida? Lady Gaga? She has been talking to her cousin Will (Uncle Will) who is a Gaga Monster. It’s amusing how quickly she picks these things up…oy!