Too Much Time

Way too much time has passed. I stopped writing here. I stopped a lot of things in my life when change came. I’m decidedly NOT good with change. When my ex moved out I stopped my life as I know it. I lost faith. I lost confidence. I lost me. At least I really thought I did. I was still a mom. I AM a mom. I am Jaida’s mom and she still says the most amazing things to me. Things like, “I love you, Mom.” I tell her, “I love you too, J.” She replies, “I love you more!” That’s how I know I’m doing it right. She loves. She loves animals, people, bugs, worms and sunshine. She’s kind to all of those because I have taught her the value of honoring all life as we see it. “Unless you can make a bug you can’t kill a bug” is the rule in our house. Yes, even spiders and wasps.

Over the past 5 years. I found me. I found a faith that has evolved. I have most of my confidence back and I have learned to be still. In the stillness we can find all of the things we have lost. We can find our touch with nature and with the essence of Spirit within and around us. We can find. Follow this link for 5 short minutes of finding yourself. Close your eyes. Breathe and listen. Namste.   Short Meditation


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